Wildlife Jungle Safari

Wildlife Jungle Safari

Sitting safely on the back of an elephant, with highly endangered Bengal Tiger in front of one’s eyes is probably a thrilling experience for everyone. Come as close as it is on television when you suddenly walk up against a huge, impressive rhino. Or recognize crocodile shims gleaming underneath your wooden carved canoe. Surprising adventures are never to be forgotten, you can experience them in one of our wildlife safaris.

Royal Chitwan National Park is unique in terms of rare species and fascinating Tharu tribes. Or Royal Bardia National Park, one of world’s most untouched natural reserves; both will encounter you with variety of wildlife, birds, and an incredible collection of other rare species of flora & fauna.

Royal Chitwan National Park

Royal Chitwan National Park is a wild life and cultural haven, with a unique flora & fauna, such as Royal Bengal tigers, deer, rhino, bear and wild boar, as well as fascinating Tharu tribe whose lifestyle has remained unchanged for several hundred years. Royal Chitwan National Park is a large area of low, heavily forested hills bordering India on the south. Several jungle camps have been created to offer the tourists comfortable accommodation, elephant-back safaris for wildlife viewing, canoeing and nature walks with highly trained naturalist. The camps are rigorously regulated to avoid environmental and habitat disturbance and are easily reached by air or road.

Royal BHardia National Park

Royal Bardia National Park is more remote and less visited than Chitwan. It is located in the remote and sparsely populated far western part of Nepal and is one of the largest of the country's parks. This park is one of the world's most untouched natural reserves.

Bardia covers approximately 1,000 sq. kilometers. Wildlife includes civets, langurs, Goral, swamp deer, Chital, wild boar, leopard, wild elephant, and the Royal Bangal Tiger. It's also home to more than 300 species of birds. Elephant safaris are available, as well as raft or dugout canoe trips down the Karnali river for aquatic wildlife viewing of species such as fresh water Dolphins, Marsh-Muggers, Otters, Turtles, etc. The drive to Bardia takes up to 12 hrs from Kathmandu, through memorable scenic country, including stretches of the Terai. Or one can fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, the nearest town, in about 90 minutes.

What a Jungle safari offers you

Our programs are designed to provide you with the maximum possible advantage in taking pleasure from the dense jungle teeming with exotic animals and birds.

 Elephant back safari 
Riding Elephant Back is one of the best ways to explore the jungle. The tour enables you to enter into dense forests and tall grasslands to view varieties of animal species and birds. Here, you will have plenty of opportunities to photograph animals from a closer range.

 Canoe Ride 
A typical home made canoe will take you along the famous Rapti river where you will encounter the harmless Gharial and the mud drenched crocodile, basking in the sun at the river banks. Moreover, many aquatic birds can be seen on the way.

 Nature walk 
Our trained naturalist will take you across the flowing water of the Rapti River and the prime areas of park to view nature's gifts like wild species of animal and birds blended with the surrounding flora and fauna.

 Bird watching 
The parks are well known as a paradise for the birds. Some 450 species of resident and migratory birds have been recorded so far. You may encounter many of them, while making this tour. Other species like the Giant Hornbill, Lesser Frolic and the Paradise Flycatcher will also attract your attention when you are traveling along the banks of the Rapti River.

 Village tour 
This tour is especially for those who are keen to experience the typical local culture of the Tharu tribe.

 Tharu Folk Dance 
At the end of the day you will enjoy the drumbeat and the agile breathtaking stick dance performed by Tharus. Their rhythmic movements and the exciting drumbeat may urge you to join them in their performances...

 Ox-cart ride 
For those who love old ethnic traditional way of transportation, we have an Ox-Card. This will give you an experience of the unique mode of transport, while riding on the old dirt roads of the nearby Tharu village.

 Jungle Jeep drive 
A thrilling drive in a four-wheel jeep into the heart of the park will enable you to view some of the rarest species of animals and birds. You can also visit the Observation Tower for viewing the enchanting movements of the animals in the wilderness. The jeep can be diverted to visit the crocodile breeding farm as well.

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