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Interesting places to visit
There are lots of interesting places to visit and things to do in Kathmandu. You could easily spend several weeks exploring its medieval streets, markets, temples, ancient old building structures and the whole valley itself. However, as your time could be limited it is recommended that you try to visit at least some of the following places.

Thamel / Chhetrapati : Centrally located tourist hub of Kathmandu, and an interesting place to stroll around. Most tourists as well as the locals love to visit Thamel that comes alive at night with bars and pubs playing live music, and restaurants with cultural shows. Adjacent to Thamel is a place called Chhetrapati that has quite a broad collection of crafts and clothing.

Asan tole and Indrachock – just to the south of Thamel at a walking distance of about 25 minutes is the old market area of Kathmandu where you can walk through a maze of narrow streets and experience a way of life that has remained relatively unchanged for centuries.

Kathmandu durbar square – the center of the old city of Kathmandu and site of the 17th century royal palace and the residence of the Kumari devi, the famous and the only living Goddess. It takes about a little more than half an hour on foot and 10 minutes by car. It was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Monument in 1979.

Swyambhunath temple (monkey temple) – an important Buddhist temple (gompa) famed for its monkeys and the panoramic view overlooking the entire city of Kathmandu, Patan and in the far distance Bhadgoan- Bhaktpur the old city. It is situated on a hillock about 77 m above the level of Kathmandu city at a distance of about 3 km west of the city. It was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Monument in 1979.

Boudhanath – famous for its Buddhist stupa one of the biggest in the world and center for the large Tibetan population in the Kathmandu valley is approx. 8 kms from centre of the town. You can stroll around the stupa always in a clockwise direction, and if you are shopping you can make a bargain for Tibetan goodies and handicrafts. It was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Monument in 1979.

Pashupatinath temple – situated 5 km east of Kathmandu is an important Hindu pilgrimage site and a complex of temples and ghats. It was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Monument in 1979.

Patan Durbar Square – one of the old cities of Nepal, 5 km away from Kathmandu. While in Patan visit the durbar square, industrial estate (great handicraft center – of carpet jewelry and wood carving factories). It was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Monument in 1979.

Bhaktpur (bhadgaon) – cycle out or catch the trolley bus to this ancient city and wander through the streets, visit the pottery market and admire the intricate woodcarvings for which this city is well known. Bhaktapur Durbar Square with the famous Golden Gate houses the famous palace with 55 windows and host of other sculptures with intricate carving. It was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Monument in 1979.

Changu Narayan – some 12 km east of Kathmandu, situated at the end of a long ridge which runs well into the valley is a temple called Changu Narayan, said to be the oldest temple in the valley that have been built in 323 AD. It was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Monument in 1979.

Godavari - approx. 10 km south-east of Patan and hosts the only Royal Botanical Garden in Nepal.

Dakshinkali – approx. 20 km from the city and is famous for the Dakshinkali Pilgimage Temple dedicated to Goddess Kali, where animals are sacrificed at cultural events.

Kakani – approx. 29 km north-west of Kathmandu, offers beautiful views of Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Gaurishanker, Himalchuli and Mt. Annapurna.

Dhulikhel - a Newari town situated 30 km south-east of Kathmandu is popular for its natural beauty and ancient tradition.

Nagarkot - a beautiful hill station situated 32 km east of Kathmandu at an altitude of 2,175 m above sea level.

We can provide you guide to show around Kathmandu Valley. Contact our office for information but if you would like to explore the city on your own, there is no problem. There will be a lot of people who would walk up to you asking if you need a guide. Most of them know a lot about all the sites and the history, and is quite interesting to hear their stories, but in return they would ask money. If you don’t want to give them money, make it clear in the beginning, then it is up to them if they want to join you.